about us

Kevin Deng

Kevin was born in China and grew up in Singapore. He moved to Los Angeles in 2009 to attend UCLA, majoring in Computer Science.

Years of math, science and engineering training have given him considerable technical aptitude and analytical acumen. This has allowed him to rapidly overcome any technical learning curves when it came to photography and post-processing.

The technology is just a tool however; it is the application of it towards the creation of beautiful images that truly draws him to photographs.

Stephani Alves

Hi Everyone! Thank you for stopping by our website.

I am currently attending University of California, Los Angeles – UCLA - GO BRUINS! - as an undergraduate student majoring in Computer Science. I am originally from Southern Brazil. I moved to United States in 2006 and have been enjoying this country since.

Other than coding, making websites and surfing the web I enjoy playing tennis, swimming, traveling and photography. I have been in 5 different continents photographing the world. That includes North, Central and South America, Europe and Asia.

Scott Kelby is my inspirational photographer!

You can visit my personal website, if you want to know more about me

Feel free to navigate through our website. I hope you enjoy it.