about us

Kevin Deng & Stephani Alves


kevnsteph consists of Kevin Deng & Stephani Alves.

We are both Computer Science students at UCLA. When we are not writing code, we are skilled digital artists with an especially keen interest in photography.

Years of engineering training and self-learning has given us considerable dexterity with all manners of technology. We are skilled in the entire imaging process, from the lightning, to the camera, to retouching and post-processing.

Photography however requires more than technical expertise; it is equally an exercise in artistic expression and creativity, and indeed, it is this blend of art and science that draws us so much to it. The creation of a breathtaking picture is truly a multidisciplinary process, and we enjoy every step along the way.

We don't restrict ourselves to any particular type of photography. We shoot portraits, events, landscapes, architecture – anything that produces a beautiful photograph. We have each been around the world to take in the sights and sounds, but we certainly don't plan on stopping there – much remains to be explored, and many breathtaking images yet await to be captured.

Recently we have decided to pool our skills (and equipment) together and collaborate on all our work, and this website is where we shall share the fruits of our labor.

Our work is still in its early stages, but as time goes by, we hope to fill these pages with images of beauty both familiar and exotic, excitement for young and old alike, and the stirring emotion only a perfectly captured moment in time can bring.

We hope you enjoy your visit.